Copper Bar

The iconic Copper Bar, long a fixture of Mauna Kea Beach Hotel with sweeping views of Kauna’oa Bay has undergone a transformation – embracing the finest elements of it’s storied past whilst launching new traditions for the future.

A relaxed and familiar sense of place remains. Copper plate and marine rope take their rightful place in the venue while restoration of the skylights allow natural light to beam through from the lobby above. Solomon Enos pays tribute with a specially commissioned triptych “Kauna’oa” and continues the hotels legacy of blending art and place.

Copper Captains and mixologists, versed in arts of mixology create memorable dining and beverage experiences. Craft cocktails, constructed from local and exotic ingredients along with tap beers and wine complement the creative and casual cuisine. Fresh products, a subtle blend of spices and exotic flavors combine with a variety of cooking methods to create an enjoyable tasting principle, based on abundance and sharing.

What was remains a constant, nature’s magnificent – those dramatic views of Kauna’oa Bay beckon travelers of decades past and decades to come. We welcome you to share in the legacy with your very own unique and authentic experience at Copper Bar today.